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Image of Ironmongery by - Style-Cast Concrete and Fencing


We can supply a wide range of ironmongery the list below is what we generally carry in stock though if there is an specific item you require please contact us as we may be able to supply it.


  • 18″ zinc plated T-hinge
  • 18″ galvanised strong T-hinge
  • Adjustable hook and bands 24″ or 18″
  • Cranked hook and bands

Field gate hinges for wooden posts can also be supplied for brick piers or with hooks on bolts.


  • 8″ brenton bolt (will take padlock)
  • 4″ brenton bolt (will take padlock)
  • 18″ dropbolt / garage door bolt


  • Gate Mate Long throw gate locks
  • Auto gate gate catch
  • Ring latch


Image of Ironmongery by - Style-Cast Concrete and Fencing
  • Cabin hook
  • Rim lock
  • 19mm Hooks on plates
  • Auto gate closers
  • Coach bolts ( various sizes)
  • Coach screws
  • Arris repair brackets
  • Metal post spikes
  • Metal bolt down post holders
  • Panel fixing clips
  • Galavanised Nails
  • Timber Screws
  • Timber post caps
  • Fencing graft (digging spade)