Fencing Panels

Style cast offer a wide range of fencing to suit all tastes and budgets. Most products are in stock and we can supply them for d.i.y or to the trade as well as offering a full Fitting Service. We are able to deliver due to most materials being bulky and heavy.

Closeboard Panels

Closeboard panels are a ready made panel that are pressure treated to ensure a long life span. A good strong panel offering security and privacy that looks good. These panels can be made with a variety of finished tops such as domed, scalloped or flat top.

Waney Lap Panels

Although the cheaper of our panels, they are a well constructed panel that is double batterned to look good on both sides as well as making them stronger. They are manufactered with five vertical batterns on both sides and dip treated brown.


Trellis panels are a versatile and attractive method of defining and adding a new dimension to garden spaces. Trellis has been used in gardens for centuries to provide many different functions, for example increasing privacy, screening unsightly areas or simply providing additional interest. We are able to provide most sizes of dip treated square trellis from stock. Pressure treated and diamond trellis can be made to order.

Palisade panels

Palisade panels are a well costructed panel great for boundarys, seperating areas of the garden front and rear. These can come with flat, round, pointed individual tops. The panel can be domed, scalloped or flat topped or any combination of two i.e domed with round tops.

Jacktop Panels

Jacktop panels are highly decorative yet a tough and robust fence panel. They come with a twenty five year jackcure guarantee.